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Rock County 5.0 is dedicated to identifying and nurturing economic opportunities, accelerating regional growth and growing local assets. In doing so, Rock County 5.0 effectively deploys various tactics to capitalize on relationships through technology-enriched applications, to facilitate the repositioning and revitalization of the area's economic landscape in the following areas:

Business Retention & Expansion
  • Strengthen & Grow the Economic Base
  • Encourage Business & Supply Chain Collaboration

Business & Investment Attraction
  • Diversify the Economic Base
  • Identify & Position for New Growth Opportunities

Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Accelerate the Formation of New Ventures
  • Grow Existing Small Businesses
  • Identify Needs & Match Resources

Real Estate Positioning
  • Expedite the Speed-to-Market Process
  • Improve Activities & Transactions

Workforce Profiling
  • Identify Talent & Skill Sets
  • Align & Strengthen Supply with Demand Opportunities

Data Center